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Why wouldn’t King World News post a correction for their readers/listeners when I pointed out to them that Richard Russell was 100% wrong when he said silver was never taken by the government?  KWN site posted him saying on April 21, 2015, “Unlike gold, silver has never been wrested from the public by government edict.”  KWN, I have the SCREENSHOT!  I am definitely free to mention my attempt in the interest of investors to get this corrected without reposting their obnoxious response.  The FEDS did take silver on August 9, 1934 by Executive Order #6814 and here is a 312 page research I did to PROVE it!  You can be Elvis on a flying carpet doing high bar gymnastics as it soars over the Himalayas with bejeweled slave maidens singing your praises but the precious metals community still deserves correct information!  Commercial & Financial Chronicle, January 19, 1935, page 393---




New York Times, Friday, August 10, 1934---


Silver Seek had the same error posted on January 27, 2010 (screenshot made) and after contacting them it was corrected on February 9, 2010 (screenshot made).  Apparently some site operators care more about documented facts than others, but we should all care.  Putting out accurate information should be regarded the same as giving truthful testimony in court!  Franklin Roosevelt’s seizing silver bullion from Americans was a major milestone in silver history and it must be correctly reported!  But, sigh, Silver Seek wouldn’t post “Jonathan Frid Vomits On Silver” just before the Silver Summit in October 2013.  Why would silver longs shield Jeff Christian, the subject of that informational piece?  What is it with alleged longs who are so desirous of pulling punches against the bad boys?  Am I the only source willing to go all the way?  We had a chance to see him reeling and it was trashed!  I haven’t had any suit filed against me by Christian nor by CPM Group!  They sure don’t want any legal discovery process ferreting out details about The Pilgrims Society and silver suppression! 


Do persons alleged to all be in the gold and silver long camp engage in “infighting?”  Sometimes we must question others as to their intentions!


Yes, I see GATA as “controlled opposition” based on what they refuse to allow coverage of---The Pilgrims organization screwing the planet out of hard money!  Chris Powell resides in Connecticut, a state infested with Pilgrims members, and Bill Murphy came out of Merrill Lynch (Pilgrims Society entity), Shearson Hayden Stone (Pilgrims Society entity) and Drexel Burnham (Pilgrims Society entity).  Ted Butler started with Merrill Lynch and later joined Drexel Burnham Lambert.  Is that why Ted never mentions a fiat money monetary conspiracy against silver?


Then there’s the bickering between Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold and GATA!  I was allowed by several sites to have an item covered, “Correcting Antal Fekete’s Historical Silver Errors,” so does that make me a mean spirited heel?  I have to speak out when someone spouts off with demonstrable errors, but because they’re some overblown personality bouncing around at metals conferences, they are entitled to rewrite history any way they please, without contradiction?  There is also the odd phenomena of persons with offbeat sounding names getting unusual coverage.  I certainly haven’t benefitted from that aspect.  All I can point to is two provinces in France bearing my ancestral name; however, I don’t regard that as a feather in my cap.  I ask only to be evaluated on the content, and documentation of, my free public interest research.