REX TILLERSON---highly likely Pilgrims Society member, Secretary of State, chairman of Exxon Mobil from 2006 till 2017.  Previous chairmen of Exxon, Clifton C. Garvin Jr., John Kenneth Jamieson and others when it was known as Esso and Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, have been found in old lists to have been Pilgrims Society members; most members who are listed in Who’s Who make no mention of The Pilgrims.  The chairmanship of Exxon Mobil is too important a position for it to not be held by a Pilgrims Society member, unless on an interim basis by a flunky CFR member.  Below, Tillerson addressing the CFR---



JAY CLAYTON---highly likely Pilgrims Society member, Trump’s Commissioner of Securities Exchange Commission, comes from very long established, old-line Pilgrims Society law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, which has had many Pilgrims Society members across the years as attorneys representing the major Pilgrims Society financial institutions, Pilgrims Society industrials and the Pilgrims Society dynasties back of these enormous multinational interests.


WILBUR ROSS---highly likely Pilgrims Society member, Secretary of Commerce, Rothschild family associate (24 years official standing), worth several billion dollars; his info, undoubtedly incomplete as he made no mention of his (almost 100% certain) Pilgrims Society membership, appears on page 1202 of the 2014 Who’s Who in the East---


The 2005 Who’s Who in America, page 3997, has info on Ross not mentioned in his 2014 listing; such as, his involvement with Allis-Chalmers Corporation; Texaco; Biocraft Labs; A.H. Robins Company; Fur Vault of New York (sounds like an Astor family link); Investors Insurance Company; Syms Corporation; Clarent Hospital Corporation; Nikko Electric (Japan); Asia Recovery Fund; KTI Incorporated; RH Cement; Asia Company Investment Partners et al.  Notice very importantly, that 12 years before he was with the Rothschild interests, he was with the WINTHROP (Pilgrims Society also) interests, tracing to Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s, and intermarried with the Rockefellers and among the Pilgrims Society families feeding off the Federal Reserve System!


Notice Ross involvement with the Whitney Museum of American Art, named for the Pilgrims Society Whitney dynasty from Standard Oil; Ross involvement with the anti-silver money Brookings Institution; in the early 1980s he was a high level Democrat (now a “Republican” Pilgrims Society member, as I say, near 100% probability).  This probability is bolstered by the fact of his leadership in the Japan Society, as Pilgrims Society fronts founded by Pilgrims Society members decades ago invariably remain managed by current Pilgrims Society members today---herewith info on Lindsay Russell from the Who’s Who in America, 1916-1917, page 2131, notice Russell founded the Japan Society in 1907---keep in mind The Pilgrims Society is identified as “THE FIRST ORGANIZATION” in The Review of Reviews, May 1902, page 557, meaning its members would found many other groups acting as fronts for them, and at all times inferior to them---



Notice his residence address in Tuxedo Park; many Pilgrims Society members reside there NOW!



The New York Peace Society was a Pilgrims Society front propagandizing the public to support American entry into World War One!  The Japan Society website shows David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker and Peter Peterson, all Pilgrims Society members (but not identified there) prominent over the years in the Japan Society.  It also shows anti-silver activist Jacob Henry Schiff in on founding the Japan Society; Schiff was a charter Pilgrims New York member i9n January 1903.  August Belmont, another charter Pilgrims member, was also involved.  Lindsay Russell was a liaison between the Vanderbilts (Pilgrims Society) and the Rockefellers (Pilgrims Society).



A few may already be Pilgrims members, some may be members of assorted collegiate “super fraternities” (Yale is hardly the only such university).

“Vincent Viola (born 1956) is an American billionaire businessman, philanthropist and the presumptive nominee for United States Secretary of the Army.  He is the former chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). He is the chairman of Virtu Financial.  Viola is the owner of the Florida Panthers, a National Hockey League (NHL) ice hockey franchise based in Sunrise, Florida.”

Viola was vice chairman of NYMEX during 1993 to 1996 and chairman of the silver suppressing entity during 2001 to 2004.  His worth is said to be around $2 billion.  Is he a Pilgrims member?  Maybe; however few persons of modern Italian ancestry have ever become members.

None found in CFR roster as of January 2017---

Steven Mnuchin--- Treasury Secretary

James Mattis ---Defense Department

John F. Kelly---Homeland Security

Jeff Sessions---Attorney General

Mike Pompeo---CIA

Vincent Viola---Secretary of the Army


Donald F. McGahn II---White House Chief of Staff

Michael T. Flynn---National Security Adviser (not in CFR 2017)

Nikki R. Haley---UN Ambassador

Ryan Zinke---Secretary of the Interior

Scott Pruitt---Environmental Protection Agency EPA

Ambassador to United Kingdom---Woody Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson Pharma and vaccine empire.  He bought the New York Jets for $635 million.  Highly likely member of The Pilgrims.


J. Christopher Giancarlo---Trump’s pick for CFTC Chairman was already at CFTC so what will change?  Trump will probably appoint another three CFTC Commissioners.