Don’t BUILD on my bones!

Don’t take anything I’ve written for free public education, information, access and distribution, and place it in your website in any “PAY TO READ” situation!  You may make such a request before taking any action, but it’s unlikely I’ll agree to it; anyway, my work has already been seen by so many in the gold, silver, conspiracy and freedom space that it might not generate much income, unless the vast public tunes in.  In that case, I still want it free access as hurting the conspirators means more to me than generating income off my research!  More people will always read “free” than “pay to read” and I want to reach the MOST people.  I authored “Correcting Antal Fekete’s Historical Silver Errors” (February 2013) and later in the year, God help, an OUTRAGE took place!  I saw my free public article at a well known website in a “PAY TO ACCESS” situation!  This EXPLOITATIVE, CLAIM-JUMPING fellow didn’t ASK me before the fact if he could do this!  He didn’t offer me any share of prospective income either!  Without any consultation in advance with me, this crass jackass just seized this item I wrote and placed it in a pay to read status at his site!  When I contacted him, he tried to razz me with complete BULLSHIT about how I “don’t understand the Fair Use Copyright doctrine.”  Of course I understand it, and he probably did also, trying to bluff his way past his ripoff of me and his self proposal to pick people’s pockets for what them reading what I intended for free viewing.  It’s the same as if he scouted my backyard and placed a sign out front while I was away, and without my foreknowledge and consent, saying “Overnight Campsites $5 Here” with his GRUBBY hands out to passerby!  ONE)  I wrote that article with no input whatsoever from him and TWO)  I researched and authored it with full intentions of it being 100% free public access wherever it was posted or linked and THREE)  The JACKASS didn’t consult me beforehand if he could charge money ($$$) for website visitors he gets, to read my exclusive authorship presentation and FOUR)  Not only didn’t he consult me for my OK beforehand, he additionally didn’t offer me any of the takings and FIVE)  This CREEP tried to bamboozle me by blathering about how I allegedly “don’t understand the Fair Use doctrine,” when he was acting like a BURGLAR (grabbing my item without my knowledge) and a HOLDUP ARTIST (charging or attempting to charge pay to access to site goers) and a FLIM-FLAM man, trying to con his way past the issues by totally ineffective assertions that I have no grasp of copyright statutes!  This was no simple case of free access, full attribution reprint or reposting or article URL linking; no, it was a matter of MISCONDUCT and UNPROFESSIONALISM on his part.  In the beginning he and I were on good terms and even though he’s a “friend” of GATA he and I remained so even after a completely unwarranted SWIPE against me by Chris Powell in 2009 (described under “Why The Silver Stealers Doesn’t Get Linked.”)   This breach of conduct on his part changed that, as he refused to admit that copyright law doesn’t give him any OK to grab work done by others (not by him) which was always meant for FREE PUBLIC ACCESS, then to brazenly charge access at his site!


This guy and I had an E-mail exchange on this matter which culminated in his reluctantly agreeing to delete the item!

If he’d agreed to make it a free public read, which was always my intention, he could have continued to have it at his site!

Why do some folks have to be so greedy, money grubbing and childish?

He tried to bamboozle me by claiming the issue was about me quoting other sources; not at all!  The issue was rather that I wrote

An article for free public reading, and he minus my prior consent, started charging people to read it at his site!

If I write something for free public access, you have no OK from me to charge anyone to read it!

He started out with glowing praise for my research; then when I told him he couldn’t charge people to read my presentation(s), he childishly told me in a message that there was “no original content” about my work!  If I’d never insisted he desist his flaky practice of unconsented literary appropriation, it would never have occurred to him to allege I have “no original content;” that was most glaringly just a hateful swipe at me made out of spite!


Now watch what happens when characters like this slap-happy FREELOADER get feedback moving their UNAUTHORIZED HANDS AWAY FROM A COOKIE JAR MEANT FOR FREE PUBLIC ACCESS---


(screenshot #1 is what he said about me at another site dated 5/30/2008 and see image #2 following) ---



(Notice the above was posted on May 30, 2008 at Silver Seek site)


(Intervening sections not included as unnecessary here

See where he mentions me ten lines down) ---



This same item above was also posted at his site and originally it read exactly the same (WORD FOR WORD) as the Silver Seek posting.  However, after I insisted in 2013 he not seize MY work which I present for FREE PUBLIC ACCESS and place it in HIS SITE WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR FOREKNOWLEDGE, and not offering me any part of the “takings,” he reacted like a teenage BRAT by going back and deleting my name from this laudatory list he posted several years before at his site!  I have no idea whether he asked Silver Seek to delete my name from that post, or if he just hasn’t asked; regardless if it gets deleted, no matter, herewith the SCREENSHOT!  I haven’t monitored his site to notice if he’s pulled this same article price milking STUNT on others---this is not a fellow who can take any correction; I started out asking him in a low key tone and had to escalate to get him to STOP CHARGING people to read things which I write for FREE DISTRIBUTION---and this is the type of flaky, seedy character that websites and interviewers fall all over themselves to feature---notice he went into his site and deleted my name due to wanting to retaliate!



At 13:10 to 13:38 of this video he went all silent when I was mentioned.  Next, at 15:30 he goes very quiet a second time, then just after 16:55 he tried to misconstrue my meaning of silver shortages; I thought it would be as clear as creek water to everyone that the meaning was, “silver shortages at these prices.”  Now to finish this page!


PLEASE DON’T repost or repackage my research items and delete my name and/or the sites I use, Silver Stealers and No Silver Nationalization!  Since I receive no income for all this MONSTROUS effort, it’s only fair that I receive NAME RECOGNITION!  If you repost any of my work at any other site(s), and you’re going to DELETE any part of the content, you may do so ONLY if you include a notation at the START that you’ve CONDENSED it!  You certainly may not make any other alterations or in text additions, unless those are clearly represented as commentary, as in, remarks inserted in parenthesis (and noted as your remarks).  Do NOT “mine” any of my research at Silver Stealers and No Silver Nationalization and repackage it as a pay to read E BOOK or a pay to hear INTERVIEW---do your own research please, as I did mine!  I am available for FREE interviews, and ask that in God’s name, you refrain from BUILDING ON MY BONES!


Charles Savoie