More comments received from others regarding my work---

At Silver Seek I was called one of five “world renowned experts on all aspects of silver” (May 2008; screenshot maintained!)

 “I was introduced to Charles Savoie and his research through David Morgan in 2002. Charlie is, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable silver/gold manipulation researcher that I am aware of, anywhere.”---Kenny Parsons, Silver Bear Cafe


In “Silver Gurus” on YouTube Brother John F remarked, “Charles Savoie, wow, this guy’s a classic.  This guy talks about stuff in history, you had no idea.  You could get lost in this guy’s stuff for years.  It’s just fantastic stuff.” 

John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight says---

“Charles Savoie is an author and ever so much more.  In fact I could spend half of the program going through page after page of his credentials.  It’s absolutely amazing.” Jason Hommel---

“I know all the top 5 silver experts in the U.S. --- Ted Butler, David Morgan, Sean Rakhimov, David Bond, Charlie Savoie, and about 5 more guys.  All of them note serious problems with the silver ETF.” (September 2012) --- Chris Duane of Silver Shield, Silver Bullet, Don’t Tread on Me---


“Charles Savoie wrote this gigantic, probably the biggest piece on silver that I’ve ever seen compiled anywhere called the Silver Stealers.  He’s been on a mission for a long time to educate people about the conspiracy to suppress silver as a monetary asset and expose the men who’ve been doing this.  I highly recommend Silver Stealers.  It is awesome.”


“I am currently finishing reading the article by Charles Savoie on Silver Raiders”---2003 Email from Robert Quartermain then CEO of Silver Standard Resources to Jim Puplava, David Morgan and myself.  Quartermain posed with me at a regional shareholder meeting where we played with some of my building block toys--

At Chris Duane (“Silver Shield”) remarked--- “Charles Savoie has put together an incredible piece called the Silver Stealers about the true history of the Elite bankers control over silver. This well documented magnus opus of silver history is a must read for anyone who is doubtful of the true role silver will play in our future. This is the most complete history of the secret role the Elite have played in the suppression of silver. Their goal is to secretly steal the wealth of the world. Their game is a multi-faceted plan that spans over a century. The Elite take real assets and give us paper assets. With our debt/money system they will seize our real assets when we cannot pay our paper debts. Their secret plan is only effective when people unsuspectingly play their role and invest in paper assets. The Silver Stealers is an incredible compendium of information that people must read. Please spread this article around and take time to read this huge free article.”

From SGT of SGT Report (video)

At Johnny Silver Bear remarked---“We recently published an incredibly well researched exposé entitled "The Silver Stealers" by our good friend, Charles Savoie.” 

Silver Bear Café mentioned “Mr. Savoie's outstanding exposé of the Pilgrim Society, an organization that has been conspiring to rule the world for over 100 years.”


Steve St. Angelo of SRS Rocco Report remarked (2016) ---


“There is evidence that the elite were manipulating the value of silver for centuries by the excellent work of Charles Savoie on his site,”

Jeff Nielson of no pulled punches Bullion Bulls Canada remarked “Charles Savoie has just let me know that he has finished his most recent "updates" of the body of work he has titled "The Silver Stealers" - something which I have strongly recommended to our readers since Segelarsch first posted it here several months ago.  It has had a MAJOR influence on my own work since that time, ESPECIALLY relating to the issue of silver confiscation (and it's likelihood in the U.S. in the FUTURE).  I encourage readers to spend as much time as they are able in familiarizing themselves with these historical materials, since the "history" we have been "taught" (deliberately) omits many of the events discussed in Charles' work.”

Another Nielson remark---

“In the relatively short number of years in which I have been researching and writing about the silver market, I have benefited greatly from the work (and the wisdom) of a number of “pioneers” to the precious metals sector. With respect to silver in particular, the two people who have done the most to educate me, and shape my views on the silver market are Ted Butler and Charles Savoie.  Charles is a private researcher/historian who has invested a considerable amount of time and effort in compiling a vast body of research which he has titled “The Silver Stealers”. He links a relatively small but extremely powerful group of individuals (and often their descendants) together through two common “threads”: their propensity for actions which were extremely detrimental to the silver market and/or the holders of silver; and their membership in a little-known organization which they have called “The Pilgrims.”

In “The Silver Solution” (2005) Stephen Kovaka CPA stated--- “I am pleased to refer you to the writings of Charles Savoie at David Morgan’s Silver Investor website where you can drink from a fire hose of factual info.”

Message from Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger (June 2, 2005) ---

“Thanks very much for your encouragement.  I’ve seen your work and admired it, so I count your complement as high praise.”

My work is referenced in chapter 5 of the 2013 book, “$10,000 Gold: Why Gold's Inevitable Rise Is the Investor's Safe Haven” by Nick Barisheff of Canadian based Bullion Management Group.

Ed Steer of Canada, message (printed out) dated May 2, 2004---

“You’re a great writer Charlie, and the contents are always magnificently researched and brilliantly written and in that category you have no peer.”

“Taboo Genocide: Holodomor 1933 & the Extermination of Ukraine” (2015) by Kris Dietrich references my research multiple times---

Resource Investor referenced my work--- “In another article entitled "Precious Metals Emergency” Charles Savoie calls The Silver Institute a "near comatose organization, mainly for statistics.”  According to Savoie, a silver producers association is desperately needed.  “We could have more than one lobby.  We could have one representing corporate members, and another for rank and file shareholders and investors.  If things go that way, as much mutuality as possible should be sought, the better to influence legislation,” Savoie writes.


“I was introduced to Charles Savoie and his research through David Morgan in 2002. Charlie is, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable silver/gold manipulation researcher that I am aware of, anywhere.”---Kenny Parsons, Silver Bear Cafe


“Charles Savoie has written the best researched and documented case on silver and the banking establishment going back into history.” --- David Morgan in  'Get The Skinny On Silver Investing' - see page 3---



“In my view, Charles Savoie does the best documented research and he has written tirelessly for years” ---May 2010 The Morgan Report.


“I salute the author for this magnificent piece of research. This will FOREVER change my own writing about silver. I will be referring to it again and again in the future, and those who are too lazy to do their "homework" will NEVER be able to extract as much benefit from my future work as those who do.”---Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada

“Charles Savoie is pretty much BLACKLISTED in the silver community because he talks about the CONSPIRACY”---Brother John F,  11/18/13 


A major silver site founded in 2003 denied coverage of “Jonathan Frid Vomits on Silver,” released in October 2013 ahead of the annual Silver Summit in Idaho!  What is a silver long site doing protecting silver antagonist Jeffrey Christian?  Why do people deem something too hot to handle, and I’ve never been sued for any of my nearly 200 presentations?  It was a chance to show Christian’s skeletons in the closet to the entire conference while he was there and the site operator/editor protected him by refusing to post it!


Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends---

“Charles Savoie of Silver Stealers and No Silver Nationalization has done extensive research in precious metals and manipulation as well as a secret society!  It’s not out there on most of the major precious metals sites.”  (Again friends, so many sites have been censoring me for years.  Ask them why!)  “You’ve done a ton of research and information and it’s all free, which is truly amazing!  You’ve done some great research on nationalization.”


Kenneth Ameduri of Crush the Street---

“Charles Savoie has released an encyclopedia on the Texas Bullion Depository and cover to cover it goes over facts of what no one else is talking about!”


Sean of SGT Report notes---


“Charles Savoie is an extremely talented researcher when it comes to silver.  In fact, maybe no one’s done more or better research.  His Silver Squelchers series is absolutely astonishing; I’ve never seen any more detailed account.  In fact this is the groundbreaking stuff if you want to learn about The Pilgrims and how old this silver suppression scheme is and how it operates at the very highest, highest levels, even above the bankers, check out the Silver Squelchers series from Charles Savoie.”  (Available at


Sean of SGT again--- ---


“Charles I want to thank you for all your tireless work over the years.  I want you to know that really great people out there like David Morgan, Jeff Neilson, Chris Duane and myself we’ve all been influenced by your work.  I found out about you from Brother John F.”


Additionally SGT remarked ---


“Those are powerful words coming from Charles Savoie but this is the man who has documented how deep this conspiracy goes to demonetize silver and to crush silver and to paper manipulate silver.”


David Morgan of Silver Investor & Morgan Report stated---


“Charlie wrote exclusively for Silver Investor for years and years and all of that’s still archived on the website.  Most of these articles are very weighty meaning you have to be sincerely interested in the silver market and the intricacies of the market.  If you took the time to read everything Charlie has written on the silver market and particularly the price suppression schemes that have been going on for a very, very long time, you would probably be as knowledgeable about the silver market than nearly anybody on the planet.  It would be quite a read, quite a task.  Everyone’s heard of the Illuminati and the free masons and the Club of Rome and on and on but very few have heard about The Pilgrims.  Charlie is the first to bring The Pilgrims to my attention and that was like wow this guy really goes deep.  This is the top secret society out there that very few are aware of.  Occasionally I’ll get someone who reads some of his work and comes to me so excited and exuberant and says “why doesn’t everybody know about this” and of course the answer is very few people take the time to read.”  (No; it’s because most precious metals and freedom websites have outright refused coverage; ask them why.)


SGT Report interview Jeff Nielson Bullion Bulls Canada---


“You had mentioned an article called the Silver Stealers by Charles Savoie and he talks about a group called The Pilgrims and I’m extremely intrigued because my research has led me to believe that this is all being done by design and as nefarious as the plot may be to suppress silver and gold and as out of control as this manipulation may have gotten by JP Morgan, perhaps this has all been done by design over many decades.  Can you tell me about your take on Charles Savoie’s article?”  Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada--- “I’m still learning this material myself but to provide the most basic overview, most people have heard of the Skull & Bones Society the legendary cabal of the wealthy.  Charles Savoie has introduced me to a group which precedes this which appears in fact to be bigger and more meaningful and more real in every sense and they’re called The Pilgrims.  According to Savoie they’ve been extremely active around the world in manipulating all sorts of global events and we’re not just talking about recent history we’re talking about something that went back centuries.”  SGT--- “If the bankers wanted to destroy gold and silver and remove it from the everyday experience of the common man and get us onto their paper system so that they have total control,  did The Pilgrims play a role in deliberately getting us away from our Constitutional money?”  Nielson--- “In fact this seems to be one of the primary obsessions of this group is to separate ordinary people from precious metals.  Regarding this Charles Savoie stuff, this  hasn’t even made it into the broader precious metals sector.”  (Note---most sites have intentionally denied coverage!  Ask them why!)  Nielson--- “What they did to destroy the silver market in the 1930s and what lead to the Great Depression is the British went into India and confiscated as much silver as they could get their hands on and then dumped that all into the global market.  When they dumped all that bullion into the global market, not only did it kill India’s economy but it destroyed China’s economy because China was on a silver standard and so they dump all this silver onto the global market, take the value of silver down to next to nothing (24.5 cents/oz in Feb 1931) and then all of a sudden China’s money is worth nothing.  It created hyperinflation in China and it ruined China’s economy and forced them to go off the silver standard.  That was a major operation and they have all these minor operations in smaller countries like the Philippines where these other countries used to have their own silver standards and it was all a matter of sabotage and pressure.  How did we go from a world where all currencies were backed by precious metals to where none was backed and it wasn’t like it happened all at once there were various attacks that these Pilgrims made around the world in various forms to get the entire world off precious metals.”  SGT--- “What connections do The Pilgrims have to the Rothschilds?”  Nielson--- “Rockefeller gets mentioned over and over and over.  Rothschild gets mentioned over and over and over.  All of the big houses of Europe and North America are listed here, you won’t find a name missing.”