There is a short roster of approved personalities at CP’s site (I read them; they are sharp characters) but the fellow is an editor by trade and may have been flustered as he couldn’t edit (delete content from) my essays.  How can a post be rejected when submitting it to oneself?  He did his part in underscoring Treasury’s claim to being able to seize gold and silver http://www.gata.org/node/5606  (“and everything else”); the purpose of THIS documentary is to PREVENT that from transpiring!  If anything in this documentary “includes much more politics than GATA's charter allows” there are two reasons for it; it needs to be said and it’s remarkably bigheaded to project that once a duo crafts a charter, everyone in the PM community should ipso facto be governed by it http://gata.org/node/7424 !  It’s wonderful being a maverick!  What about everyone else who isn’t a member of GATA, which likely includes MOST precious metals investors?  It should not be assumed that they therefore aren’t exerting themselves in various ways to help the cause of free markets and sound money; that can be done without being under anyone’s thumb and without raving about a personality parade. We are a community of equals, not a community of elitists.  In almost 8 years of monthly essays and being one of only two bullish commentators to ever be cited by the Silver Users Association, no one else on the long side of metals expressed fault with the presentations and a half dozen leading names told me by E-mail of their high esteem.

How is it that one man found notable fault when others, including some arguably of higher standing than him, did not?  This includes one of the largest metals dealers in these United States.  It took Powell several years to get on the silver bandwagon; he was not on it from day one; a lack of perception may take place in multiple areas.

Lee Marvin in “The Dirty Dozen” (1967) remarked (in red) to a critic (in blue)---

"I didn't write those reports! Just what is that supposed to mean?  It means I don’t agree with what’s in them!
I don't like it and I think it stinks!
  Maybe you’d like to write your own reports?  No thanks!  I’m interested in results, not embroidery!

  Additionally, I praised this organization multiple times in essays before receiving the crass demerit from their information gatekeeper.  From fall 2001 to December 2008 I mentioned Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee 49 times (!!) as an information source, and in “The Conspiracy Against Gold” (May 2006) I said this---

“The majority of the credit for exposing the conspiracy against the gold price, and against the use of gold for underpinning monetary systems, in recent times, goes to Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.” 

That was exactly 36 and a half months before Chris Powell publicly slammed my work!  Imagine boosting an organization over four dozen times, then its official turns around and SLAMS me!  Any normal person would feel the same crushing disappointment were they in my shoes.  Reciprocity?  Not in Chris Powell’s book.  I’ve also heard from his rank and file members as to the quality of my research; one of his board members gave public credit to my work calling me one of “two of the most prolific writers about silver on the Internet” (which I did as a labor of love and for no remuneration because I care about the PM community); the knock against me came from one person only.  Keep in mind this organization did not offer this present documentary; yours truly did because he cares about your property rights.  Everyone whose work is denigrated deserves opportunity to defend it.  No details herein are “tangents;” they are ramifications which present a glimpse into the operations of The Silver Stealers, who are also The Gold Stealers.  No one else gives you details to this extent as a charitable work.  Very strangely, the slap to my work stayed up when 2 days later the apex silver commentator, Ted Butler, publicly apologized to me after I told him privately to skip it.  The common denominator was references to President Johnson’s negative actions in silver.  I requested retraction from Connecticut and was denied because not everyone has the class of a Ted Butler.  It is to be hoped that any discord in the hard money movement won’t be exploitable by the bad boys.  The organization has done good work and deserves continued support; I was shocked that its gatekeeper would toss a dart at an ally.  There can be no better way to protect our property rights than by ripping the cover off the central organization responsible for over a century of attacks on precious metals, their prices and the private ownership rights thereof.

  It’s also possible my “mistake” was not joining and being a financial contributor; it could have immunized me from being painted with a depreciating brush.  He also was aware that my work was hosted by Silver Investor; that its proprietor was a GATA member/contributor and supporter; and in deference to those facts, could have chosen to avoid the cutting remarks.  I don’t “fly off” onto anything---that’s what birds do.  As long as Node 7424 and  http://news.goldseek.com/GATA/1242579600.php  and the copy at 24 Hour Gold stay up, I have to be able to answer it.  I was minding my own business when I was broadsided.  This is no attempt to draw anyone into a conflict and it isn’t a feud; it’s a call for considering the other person’s feelings before detracting.  The fight for our property rights is millions of times more important; this is a bagatelle but even a crumb on the floor gets noticed.

  This is the same editor by trade who, while not directly acclaiming my work, did link one of my monthly essays on June 9, 2004, which concerned a corrupt official of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission http://www.gata.org/node/2494/print  Yes, Mr. Powell committed a spelling error when he gave the title of my offering as “Michael Gorham’s Paper Money Job,” when the correct version is “Michael Gorham’s Paper Money Mob.”  Being correct still matters!  After almost five years, couldn’t Chris remember he earlier thought my work was worth linking?

   Bill Murphy “himself” notified me on November 30, 2004, 1:56PM Central time that he also posted the link.  My work has not changed in character since then.

   On February 6, 2011, major figure in silver commentary from North of the border publicly stated in regard to his work which GATA had “ignored it for the 2nd time.”  GATA can easily respond that it selects only the cream de la crème; we do dispute this as valid in all cases.  Does it give the editor a sensation like walnut hulls scratching his corneas to review this criticism?

 There are other instances of precious metals longs sniping at others on the same side of the ideological divide from the paper money mob.  Instead of looking for basis for acidic relations, we would be better served to unite to fight the common enemy.  Just check out the facts offered.  If they stand up, disregard those who refuse to link this documentary or refuse to accept paid advertising for it!  Your independent researcher, commentator and historian, who is eminently content to not be governed by anyone’s charter, gave up having a social life for most of the past ten years, including vacations, to find time to research for you---all noncompensated.  Our collective property rights immeasurably overshadow perceptions of relative prestige attributed to personalities, personalities, and personalities!

  Powell may eventually post comments about my remarks.  In the event Powell commits the serious error of playing the “mental illness” card (“something is wrong with his mind because he leveled criticism at me”), you should dismiss him entirely.

  Persons who by upbringing, association or worse motive instantly disregard all conspiracies are the biggest block to progress anyone ever faced.  “Tinfoil hat league” is a phrase GATA has often cited.  It dates to 1927 and is a mocking scorn of those who distrust the government, academia, Wall Street and the establishment and strongly suggests “mental illness” on the part of the distrustful.  On December 31, 2010, I was stunned to see a TV commercial in which lesbian celebrity Ellen DeGeneres bumped about and gaped at the viewer.  The commercial was sponsored by the National Institute for Mental Health (2010 taxpayer funding---$1,474,676,000) spouting off that “1 in 6 Americans has a mental illness.”  When the NIMH hooks up with the American Bankers Association they’ll say precious metals fans are “disordered.”  Psychiatry used to define lesbians as “mentally ill;” now not so.  In real medicine, an illness remains an illness regardless of any change in social attitudes.  Meaning, psychiatry deals with fake illnesses.  It calls activities, viewpoints and beliefs “disorders” when they are nothing of the kind.  I won’t profane this web page by posting this shot of the “clinically normative” DeGeneres; look at your own risk. That is strictly their business but the parallels between the mental health movement and the medieval Inquisition are totally striking.  The Fed isn’t the only agency that needs to be scrapped! When someone tries to play the “mental illness” card to trump an adversary in an argument by saying “there’s something wrong with your mind” or “you’re obviously psychotic,” the 100% win goes to the target of the attempted dirty trick!  The accuser cannot justify his position and attempts reliance on what equates to witchcraft and heresy accusations people made against those they disliked centuries ago; today they resort to fake “medical” accusations to get an upper hand!  Mark these words well---anyone from the “mental health” movement will side with the government against those who advocate sound money!

  I’m no “international journalist” http://gata.org/node/9473 but how come I got to this before he did?  You want to allege the globe straddling titans I’m talking about are just stumblebums?

  I’m one of two (2) people in the entire world who have written extensively about the organization described in The Silver Stealers.  The other is European researcher Joel Van Der Reijden.  My work is ignored, then depreciated, then again placed on ignore and I’m treated like Cinderella because GATA’s gatekeeper has a personality clash against me.  Because he doesn’t have space in his newspaper to go into great depth in any subject does not signify that I am in error to do so in my own sphere!  Meantime, the group I describe in great detail remains the major threat to metals ownership and profits therefrom. 

  Let the Silver Stealers content stand on its own merits without regard to personalities!  The organization whose maharajah* faulted me has done great work; I praised it many times; yet to my knowledge, mine is the only long side voice to have been depreciated.  Can he show any of my documentation in error?    An “us four and no more” stance wrongfully minimizes invaluable contributions of those who got handed no olive wreath.  In all events, it’s the rank and file who hand out olive wreaths, not their leaders.  It’s the rank and file that matter more than all else.  Fighting for your silver and gold property rights, Charles Savoie.  (There are dozens of men by this name; I know none of the others; I’m the ex-gymnast who presented a historical series on silver.)

mentioned “Powell’s vituperative pen” and “20 years of caustic editorials.”  The Manchester Connecticut Journal Inquirer had a circulation of 50,000 as of this August 10, 1992 New York Times story.  The update on the Inquirer’s circulation as of January 2011 lists 42,888 subscribers, a decline of about 14.5% as most newspapers are obsolescing due to the Internet.  Business losses often result in stress.

  Ask Connecticut Chris (who submits articles to himself) why he doesn't link The Silver Stealers, he runs a closed mutual popularity clique of the same personalities over and over and over like a merry go round with painted hobby horses.  They're good, but haven't explained who's causing these problems, because they don't KNOW.  None of them has come within a billion miles of offering this documentary.  We have to know who has, and is, causing these financial dislocations. Powell treats my groundbreaking work as “tacenda,” things to be passed over in silence and denied mention! GATA has for years maintained this “aura” that they are the absolute, top of the totem pole leaders of the precious metals community.  In fact GATA has achieved significant conference events, a Wall Street Journal ad and other accolades.  Yet I have seen many imply that without Powell and Murphy, or Murphy and Powell, gold would still be at $252 and silver below $5.  Nonsense!  It takes all sorts of people, many who never heard of each other, from all over, pulling together, to facilitate change.  None of us and not all of us together are as big as gold and silver!  With no implication of being psychic, I clearly observe there is this mentality among many site operators that “if GATA doesn’t endorse Savoie’s research, we won’t touch it.”  Would it not be better if everyone did their own thinking?  GATA will not help get this word out due to egotism and refusal to admit negligence---or fear of this organization I articulate at length about---The Pilgrims Society.  Powell will make no attempt to refute my findings.  It ain’t gonna happen, podnuh!

  London is very important in gold; however, if most 2011 Gold Rush GATA participants come from the USA and Canada, they're doing a disservice to the many who won't be able to attend due to transatlantic travel costs.  I hope this doesn’t demonize me to point it out!  It suggests they care more about bigger investors than the average size investor who are being excluded due to travel price barriers and people who avoid molestation by Transportation Security Administration personnel.  Why not hold it in the District of Columbia to get more domestic attention?  London and European big shots could afford the air travel. $800 for admission to the conference?  Is this somewhat of a profit venture for speakers involved?  I saw the list, talented people.  However, this documentary is completely free.  I’m one of two (2) people on Earth offering extensive details on the world’s premier financial organization, The Pilgrims Society.  If this one organization can be neutralized our fiscal problems end!  That $800 might be better spent, along with travel and accommodation costs, in buying silver.  Free, free and free versus pay, pay, and pay!  Who’s working harder for you?

  In his October 6, 2011 edition, Ed Steer a GATA director stated---“Writing for the Internet site of Centennial Precious Metals in Denver, USAGold.com, New York lawyer David L. Ganz, who specializes in precious metals and numismatic law, has produced a detailed and fascinating history of gold confiscation in the United Sates and commentary on the applicability of current U.S. law to gold ownership.  This is another GATA release where Chris has already done extensive heavy lifting in the preamble.”

  Once again GATA ignores the General Sherman Redwood tree in favor of raving about someone’s elm sapling, so to speak.  Chris did “extensive heavy lifting” and Ganz went into detail about metals confiscation?  Compare to The Silver Stealers and http://cache.silver-investor.com/charlessavoie/cs_summer09_PreciousMetalsConfiscation.pdf Yes, GATA has a personality clash against me and keep in mind it was Powell alone who started it all by himself in May 2009 with the unwarranted swipes he took at me http://www.gata.org/node/7424 That was 2 days after Butler apologized to me over something that was extremely minor by contrast.  Steer used to have glowing praise for my work—proof remains in my E-mail---but he has to be rubber stamp for Powell or be “invited” to exit GATA board.  Ed told me on June 25, 2011 he couldn’t link my research because it’s “too long;” that’s a disclaimer Ed, and you know it!  You can’t link it because if you did, Chris would take offense!  He also mentioned constraints placed on him by Casey Research, and that he has no control over what goes into GATA dispatches.  We wonder why a man would agree to be known as a director of an organization into which he has little, if any, input; additionally, how about letting people decide for themselves what’s “too long?”  In a notice about the Homeland Security Department meeting with the Silver Users Association, which appeared at www.24hgold.com on October 19, 2007, Ed again spoke of my work as shoulder to shoulder with that of Ted Butler and remarked---

“If you wish to read Savoie’s essay, my advice is to buy a six-pack or a couple of bottles of wine and then pack a lunch, as his essays are more like small novels. I would advise spending some time there, as there is some really incredible information in it.”

Is Ed his own man, or has he compromised that status by subordinating what he can say and what he can link to the perceived prestige of being a Casey Research personality and an (ersatz) director of Gold Anti-Trust “Action” Committee?  Casey is another advocate of placing your physical wealth outside American territory, where you may not be able to access it later!  I do hope Ed’s advice suggestive of going on a drinking binge was disregarded by his readers.  Ed formerly advised to spend some time reading my research, now he has bonded with people consumed with arrogance and shy of controversy and rubber stamps them in giving me the silent treatment.  It’s with little regret that I identify this behaviour as what is known colloquially as “brown-nosing.”  The ladder climber turns his back on a former friend so as to be allowed on a totem pole constructed by puffed-up personalities.  The Bible is a much longer read than The Silver Stealers, but no minister makes himself a fool by refusing to recommend it because “it’s too long.”  Compare what GATA and Casey Research offer as history on silver and the Secret Society back of metals suppression to The Silver Stealers.  They don’t even offer a microbe by contrast.  Perceived prestige over principle is typical human failing.  What a bunch of limelight hogs!  The lawyer’s book has a price; my work is all free access because our property rights matter more than my making a buck off you!

   In his Casey Research column for September 26, 2012, Ed Steer again publicly genuflected before Chris Powell---

   “Not surprisingly, Chris Powell put in by far the best showing of the three of us.”

   Ed, since you imply Chris so greatly transcends your abilities, why not just stand aside and let him have the entire platform to himself?  Why would anyone seek out any information source other than the Sovereign Imperial Potentate, Chris Powell?  It’s just not surprising that Chris Powell would put in by far the best showing of anyone!  He’s probably also researched and written more on the history of silver than Charlie Savoie!  (See http://www.silver-investor.com/archives/index.html 109 Essays of the Month, “Britain Against Silver III” alone was 90,850 words; see also the contents of this site and www.nosilvernationalization.org )  Chris probably did more legislatively for silver than Silver Senators like Key Pittman, Patrick McCarran and William Borah!  Chris probably did more to build a silver mining conglomerate than Robert Quartermain!  Chris probably did more to popularize silver in Mexico than Salinas Price!  Powell doesn’t lavish turgid encomiums on himself; he uses snivelers like Ed Sneer to do it!  Ed, can I get you a “I’m sure whatever Chris Powell is thinking is correct” sandwich sign you can wear at the next conference?  The other side can read “I couldn’t agree more with Chris Powell!” And Ed is NOT the only one in this “mix” of snivelers!  Anyone get the hint?  After reading (not “skimming over”) The Silver Stealers, ask Chris Powell,  “WHY IS GOLD ANTI TRUST ACTION COMMITTEE REFUSING TO ALLOW MENTION OF THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY AND ITS APEX ROLE IN PRECIOUS METALS SUPPRESSION?”

   “As I said in an essay posted over at GATA on this subject many years back, one would never be picked for this position if your stated aim was to get to the bottom of the 25-year silver price management scheme.”—Ed Steer column November 24, 2011.  The silver price management scheme dates back only 25 years?  Huh?  It dates back centuries!  Even if the only timeline used is the founding of the CFTC, as of fall 2011 the duration was 36 years!  Simple math, anyone?

  Bill Haynes of CMI Gold & Silver in Phoenix expressed disagreement with the thrust of the book by Ganz http://www.cmi-gold-silver.com/gold-confiscation-1933.html and I stoutly agree with Haynes.  Haynes has been mentioned by GATA; it would be useful when GATA cites an alleged expert they should preface by stating “another expert disputes these contentions.”  Haynes is a more prominent figure in metals business than Ganz; I was very pleased with multiple metals transactions with Haynes.  Ganz advocates numismatic coins, an area full of risk for neophytes.  Instead of taking the chancy rare coin route, buy common date silver coins.  Rarities are VERY BAD CHOICES in emergency environment!  You’d be faced with trying to convince someone to accord 500 to 3,000 times more for a 1916-D Mercury dime as a 1964-D Roosevelt; when the silver content is the same.  Smaller increments of value allow for vastly increased purchasing flexibility!  Why would Chris overlook such a pivotally important aspect?  It reeks of political capitulation---“we’re going to be nationalized in metals again, so only hold rare coins!”  Why should we accept defeat as inevitable?  Are these the persons you look to for leadership?  My role is to supply information; I suggest you lead yourself!

  On September 14, 1813, Andrew Jackson was seriously wounded in a duel with Thomas and Jesse Benton and almost bled to death  http://www.adena.com/adena/usa/hs/hs23.htm  However, Benton became a U.S. Senator and was known as “Old Bullion,” for his hatred of bank note currency.  And, Jackson and Benton actually reconciled for the good of the nation and Benton was one of Jackson’s best supporters in Congress!  This little spat is hardly anything compared to the Jackson-Benton events!  Except GATA would have you remain unaware as to the matter of organization of the anti-free market, anti-precious metals ownership and use as currency, price suppressing Pilgrims Society!  Why would they oppose your knowing about it by censoring The Silver Stealers, refusing coverage?

  In 2002 I had an item called “Silver Supernova” at Silver Investor, which I.M. Vronsky of Gold Eagle wanted to post; I said fine, only condition is, don’t edit it in any way.  Vronsky agreed to leave it as is, then posted it with EDITING!  I immediately contacted him demanding he take it down and informed him we weren’t joined at the hip!  Vronsky seemingly remembered that episode of about 9 years earlier (in which HE was the offending party, not me), and didn’t post the my November 2011 interview by Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada.  Vronsky posted the items Jeff produced before and after the interview with me, and left out the interview.  Vronsky is an objectionable personality and editors in general are disgraceful because they’re avid censors.  And it’s lamentable that certain figures in the PM community are so blasted PETTY, and thereby prevent many investors from accessing a free read with tons of info exclusive to The Silver Stealers.  What I want most is to protect our property rights.  The way to do it is to expose The Pilgrims Society as the thieves behind suppression of gold and silver, because they ARE those thieves using the government to make us poor, and to use Federal power to wreck our investments if we start getting ahead, they just change the rules and make false appeals to national emergencies, which they engineer!

  Just before the 2013 Silver Summit, I released “Jonathan Frid Vomits On Silver” to several major sites which till that time, had recently started posting my items---and they protected Jeffrey Christian by not posting it!  Imagine---silver/gold longs protecting a metals short!  It occurred to me also that since Bill Murphy was scheduled to debate Christian at the Silver Summit, my presentation may have been declined because several sites were worried “Savoie wants to steal GATA’s thunder.”  Hardly so!  I wanted to present some background on Christian (and outgoing CFTC chief, Gary Gensler, that GATA will NOT touch!)  Can it be that facts are colored as “no good, if Savoie presents them, because we haven’t awarded Savoie a pedigree, and we ARE limelight hogs like he charges!”  Shortly after that, in November 2013, I released “Everything Happens Due To Bungling, Nothing Is Planned” as a rebuttal to bullion figure Nick Barisheff.  Again, several sites who started covering my findings earlier in 2013, chose to black it out.  Why is fear of stepping on some big shot’s toes esteemed more important than facts rebutting them, when clearly the big shots are ridiculously wrong?  Many thanks to Brother John F and Silver Market News Online and Silver Bear Café for posting these items which several others proved too gutless to feature!  I was also deleted at a site where previously the operator told me “feel free to post,” you know who you are!

  As of September 2009 GATA got proof the Fed has gold swap arrangements with foreign central banks http://www.gata.org/files/GATAFedResponse-09-17-2009.pdf

------------------HOWEVER----------I documented the situation TWO AND A HALF YEARS BEFORE GATA!!!

Copyright March 2007 ~ Charles Savoie

“I HAVE HEARD OUR SWAPS CRITICIZED AS COVER UPS.”  ---Alfred Hayes, lecture at Economic Club of New York, April 22, 1963



  The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), whose dispatches seem to be decided on exclusively by one person, has “educated” itself away from use of the word “conspiracy.”  At some point they decided to use the word “cabal” as a strategy to blunt criticism from mainstream news sources.  That’s an unnecessary evasion!  It’s a synonym somewhat less known by the public.  Just call a spade a spade!  If something is a conspiracy, it’s best to resolutely so state.  If you call something “unbifurcated,” you’re saying it isn’t split into two sections, but you’re losing clarity, because many don’t perceive your meaning.  Many also don’t know what “cabal” means.  Gee!  Word games are hokey.  Be straightforward; don’t engage in “wordsmithing.”  The word “conspiracy” has an electrically charged negative effect on many folks because they aren’t realists.  So be it.  “Collusion” is a more effective substitute than “cabal.”

http://gata.org/node/13230 “Deniers of gold market manipulation should address the documentation” shows an increased decibels of hypocrisy as GATA has ignored the documentation I’ve presented regarding attacks against gold for over 110 years by members of The Pilgrims Society.

http://bullionbullscanada.com/gold-commentary/26446-gata-now-funded-with-rothschilds-dirty-money was released on November 8, 2013 by Jeff Nielson at Bullion Bulls Canada and covered by several sites.  I took that occasion to contact Bill Murphy, who I had no message from since November 30, 2004, to complain about GATA blacking out my research into the Pilgrims Society attacking gold and silver.  He sent me an anemic attempt to bamboozle me into thinking I had not been censored; his attempt would have failed had it been delivered by Superman.  Nielson concluded GATA has been funded as “controlled opposition” by the Rothschilds.  My more specific conclusion is, GATA may have been funded by The Pilgrims Society, as GATA refuses mention of my findings on this group---which the Rothschilds had a hand in founding and of which several Rothschilds have surfaced in leaked Pilgrims London lists over the years.

  In December 2013 I released “State of Denial Rampant Among PM Leaders” which appeared at a highly ranked site http://www.brotherjohnf.com/wp-content/uploads/State-of-Denial-Rampant-Among-PM-Leaders1.pdf

 In this release I stated---“If these guys were horses, they’d be the sole reason spurs were invented---to get them moving!”

*From auto-café-webmaster@lemetropolecafe.com dated 10/1/2009---

“My colleague Chris Powell will be there in all his glory and splendor!”

Modesty, anyone?

  The January 12, 2010 dispatch had an admirer from Queensland, Australia likening GATA’s two top honchos to “a little Kirk and Spock respectively.”

(I saved these in printed form)

What’s next?  Will we hear they’re the reason diamonds sparkle?

  On November 9, 2013, Murphy told me “You do superb work” in a short message in which he also denied that I’ve been censored.  Talking out of both sides of his mouth!  I do “superb work,” yet GATA refuses to mention my findings on The Pilgrims Society attacking precious metals!  If he wants to post my response he can be my guest!  Of course, I have a copy of the original!

  Too bad personality issues (and limelight hogs) have to be in the way of cooperation as the importance of property rights overshadows all else!  There is an organization behind attacks on gold and silver prices and private ownership rights, and Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee leadership refuses to touch this extensive documented body of facts!

“The hosannas of the multitude can never bring satisfaction to the discerning. Yet there exist those chameleons of popularity who find their joy, not in the sweet breath of Apollo, but in the smell of the crowd. And not in mind: Do not be taken in by what are miracles to the populace, for the ignorant do not rise above marveling. Thus the stupidity of a crowd is lost in admiration, even as the brain of an individual uncovers the trick.”
  ---Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658) Spanish author

******I have nothing further to state regarding this matter******

Please do not E-mail me regarding this.

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